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COBOLT (Neon Beam Background) (c) 2021 David Lee

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David Lee is COBOLT. UK born songwriter, producer and singer based in Cheshire, England.

David began playing keyboard at the age of 12 before moving to piano two years later, and has had a full education in piano performance and music theory, both up to Grade 8 qualification standards. It was at college where he was introduced to music production and popular music where he followed his love of melodic electronic dance music genres to the production of his own tracks.  

He has a passion for writing uplifting tracks, whether that is in instrumentals with hands-in-the-air drops or introspective yet optimistic lyrics. He also produces music videos to accompany his tracks which try to provide the same emotional impact visually as he aims to achieve in the tracks themselves.


Trance (Vocal and Uplifting)

Sounds Like:

Aly &  Fila, Ciaran McCauley and Daniel Kandi

Artist instrumentation: 

In-the-box music production and vocals

Current Work:

"Since my first track with vocalist Shoshy Boo "Inner Child" I have produced three more tracks; each one having a personal history: "For Tomorrow" which followed "Inner Child" was planned as a release to send to a record label: after trying one label (with no response) and with sharing excerpts on social media that gained support for the track, I decided to release it on UBM (Ultra Blue Melodies) - it has since been the most popular track I've released! "Brighter Lights" which I feel has a slightly darker edge (for me) has also proven popular. Currently I'm promoting the most personally emotional release since "Inner Child" which is "Rain Passes" that explores maintaining hope even in (metaphorical) endless rain - it's an instrumental so I'm only speaking from my own thoughts where others may have their own interpretation of the track. I've been very lucky to have two remixes on MJS Records - of which both are doing well - and I have more work planned for release on UBM - it's a really exciting time for me!"

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