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Privacy Policy

We use Visitor Analytics to understand aspects of those who visit We collect data such as whether the visitor is new or has visited before, the country that the visitor is from, the time spent on the site and pages they visited, and the type of device used to access the site (desktop or mobile).


We do not collect personal details to identify individuals and do not share information to anyone. However, as an additional reassurance and to comply with CCPA Regulations, we also have a 'Do Not Sell My Personal Data' link for you to use at the end of the page.

Please use the banner shown when you first visited the site to make any amendments to your cookie consents. If you wish to make any changes after using the banner, then clear your browser cookies to then allow the banner to reappear when entering our site in which you can make your consent to cookie usage again.

We will not contact you under any circumstances, however, if you would like to ask any questions about the website and Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to get in touch at

Please review the sites Privacy Policy regularly for up-to-date information on how we process incoming data.

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