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COBOLT (Neon Beam Background) (c) 2021 D
COBOLT (Neon Beam Background) (c) 2021 David Lee
COBOLT LOGO (Full Name) 2
COBOLT LOGO (Full Name) (c) 2021 David Lee

Hi, I'm COBOLT. I am a UK based trance music songwriter, producer and singer. I produce uplifting trance tracks with bright leads and try to really make use of trance's structure of emotional breakdowns and euphoric drops to create truly uplifting tracks.

Official music videos and track inside-info is also out now on YouTube and you can also watch official music videos here on!

Keep up with where I'm at and what I'm up to with ULTRA BLUE MELODIES' social media updates on X (formerly Twitter), YouTube and Soundcloud.

Also check out my radio show that plays on the last Friday of each month at 8pm GMT on called T.R.A.N.C.E. - later uploaded to Mixcloud!

I'm very pleased to say that I am on my fourth release as COBOLT. Since the vocal collaboration with Shoshy Boo for "Inner Child" I have released "For Tomorrow" which has become my most popular track; "Brighter Lights" which was well received and now "Rain Passes" which I hope listeners will enjoy as much as I do.

I've been very lucky to have also had two remixes on MJS Records: "Reflections" a remix of Jay Mav's beautiful vocal track, and MJS Records owner Golden Boy Mike's uplifting track "Hover".

There are more releases coming soon and I can't wait to share them! ;)

COBOLT (Press Play Background) (c) 2021 David Lee
COBOLT (C Logo) (c) 2021 David Lee
COBOLT (Full Name Logo) (c) 2021 David Lee

Hope you enjoy "Inner Child" and check out my work on Soundcloud ;)

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